Penmaenmawr Community Centre

COVID-19 Update

The Community Centre will be reopening on Monday the 17th August although the hall floor usage number is reduced to 12 due to the present 2metre ruling.

The snooker room will also be open but limited to just one table per session. Morning session from 10am to 11.30 on Monday, Thursday and Saturday.

We are hoping to try and establish a telephone booking system only. (Any guidance on this would be helpful!)

Slimming World is restarting on the 30th August I believe and on an appointment basis only.

Terms and Conditions of entering the Centre is to be wearing a face mask and or Visor whilst in the reception area and using the stairs to the function room. From that point all persons will follow the organiser's guidelines. The same T&C will apply when leaving the function room to exit the building

The lift can only be used under exceptional circumstances and by one person only at a time plus allowing for a period of non use for sanitising and rest between each use. This may be for a period of 15 minutes - or longer, between each use.

Snooker players will be required to wear a mask/visor and protective gloves at all times during their play and stay.

Hand sanitisers will be available for all.

The 2 metre rule must also be strictly adhered to and any directives issued by the Steward.

For more information please contact Chris Norton

Phone: 01492 622672 Office hours only
Mobile: 07583625915

The Centre was built in the early 1920's and was for the purpose of providing leisure amenities for the young men in the village and was appropriately named “The Young Men's Institute”. Yes! Ladies were definitely not allowed into this hallowed sanctum of Men Only for Billiards and Snooker.

Social meetings, concerts and self-entertainment, whether it be by the radio or gramophone or at a piano were the thing in those days. Getting about in the evenings and at weekends was very much on a shank's pony occasion. Self-entertainment being very much the key to a quality of life – despite the many hardships of that period. The Saturday night “thrash” was an occasion of catching up with village events, plenty of gossip and of course, some dancing in between. The Institute was a very much the centre for having fun.

During the war years (39-45), the social night was frequented by Italian prisoners of war from a POW camp in or near Glan Conwy and also numbers of G. I's who were in training in the Trawsfynedd area - preparingfor combat to distant shores for what later became known as the D Day landings on the beaches of Normandy. Most of the GI infantry was sent to two sectors of beach heads code named Utah and Omaha: Tragically, there were many casualties on the Omaha sector on that fateful day of 6th June 1944.

IN the 1950's, a new wood dance floor was laid in the form of Canadian Maple strips. The floor now developed a positive “bounce”with just a few taking to the floor and dancing in rhythm to say the Reel, Barn Dance and of course, the Bebop of the day: If only these walls (and floor!) could talk!

In the early years of the new millennia, most of the properties along the main through road, along with a few other hot spots, benefited from a major regeneration programme. However, despite its distinctive appearance of the multi-level Pagoda style roofing, the fact that the town War Memorial is built on its frontage and, it being described as one of the principle buildings in Pen, the Centre did not to benefit directly from this programme. However, other initiatives such as the Quarry Theatre provided a stage, theatre lighting and sound desk. A later initiative provided an extension to house a lift to the first floor and for the replacement of the old metal window frames.

Being in a conservation area meant that metal frame appearance had to be maintained but with double glazed window panels: With its tall narrow windows and roof styling, this gives the Centre a somewhat dominant feature but being set down some four feet below the main road,gives it a balanced aspect and which compliments the large Victorian houses opposite.

During the late summer of 2016, the entrance area and main stairwell saw the beginnings of a refurbishment programme with modern décor colours and lighting. The entrance and the inner stairwell walls are now thermally insulated, thanks to funding from Pen’s Green Energy Programme and support from the Cemlyn Jones Trust. The new entrance door is also thermally insulated and has a power assisted function, complete with a mobility access pad.

It is our intention that this refurbishment will continue throughout the building. If you would like to support us in our mission, then please contact us at the Centre:

The Centre is supported by the Town Council: However, the majority of funding has to be generated through the snooker hall and the function room receipts. The Centre has four full sized snooker tables in tip top condition, being situated on the ground floor. The membership fee, like the hall hire fees, is very modest. It's a warm and friendly place to be in. Hot and cold drinks available. If you are a good player, why not join one of our successful teams?

The functions room is on the upper floor with a lift access.

From the A55 roundabout - junction 16, pick up Conwy Road which runs parallel to the A55 (West). As the road begins a gentle right hand curve past the houses on the right, there will be a gap before you approach the large fronted building also on the right. Turn right into the first turning – Constitution Hill and then into the car park behind the building: Sat Nav. loc;-LL34 6AB Conwy Road/Constitution Hill.

The main entrance is at the side of the building which you have just passed. The door is power assisted and with touch pad opening.

Opening Times for Snooker Hall and Office – 01492 622 672**

Daytime Evening
Monday 9.30am - 12 noon 6pm - 9pm
Tuesday Closed 6pm - 9pm Evening **
Wednesday Closed 6pm - 9pm Closing times are flexible
Thursday 9.30am - 12 noon
6pm - 9pm* depending on demand
Friday Closed 7pm - 9pm
Saturday 9.30am - 11.45am
Sunday Closed Closed
  • In the event of the Functions room being in use, the Snooker Hall will also be open
  • Membership£7.50to December 31st
  • Day Visitor£2.50
  • Table light fees apply - £1.00 and 20p coins
  • Hot and cold drinks available – Alcohol not permitted
  • Terms and Conditions of Entry Apply.

The Functions Room – First floor

  • Lift
  • Disabled toilet
  • Kitchenette for light refreshments tea/coffee making etc. Not cooking etc.
  • Sound/lighting system for a competent user only
  • Seating to 100/120 people

The floor is wooden and sprung making it ideal for dance and children at play.

Medium Bouncy Castle use is permitted. Hire must ensure that the supplier is insured.

Snooker Hall
The Snooker Hall has 4 full sized tables and kept up to spec for match games etc. See opening times

Food and/or Alcohol is not permitted in this room at any time. Terms and Conditions of entry apply

Meeting Room
Above the Town Council Office. It has a large oblong meeting table to sit 10 people comfortably.Additional seating area for 10. Day fee - 9.30 to Noon £15.00 – 6pm to 9.30 pm £25.00

N.B This room can only be accessed via a stairway and does not provide any facilities:

The Functions room can be hired during the day at an hourly basis or by the day - if available.

The full day fee (I.e. workshops, training etc.) -9.00am to 5.30pm) from £12.50 per hour.

Public Meetings (with continuous visitor flow) - from £20 per hour:

Other Charges – As from 1st April 2019

Day Rate -9.30 to 6.30pm (Monday to Saturday (to 11.30am) - Hourly fee £10.50

Half hour fee £ 6.00

Evening Rate 7.00pm to 10pm -Minimum hire time is 90 minutes - £15.00

Additional rates apply after 9.30pm, 10pm and 10.30pm: Closed by 11.00pm

Kitchenette - with small micro-wave oven, 2 kettles, Urn. Per session £3.00

Adult Party Time, Concert, Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday Hire – Rates available on Application

The room is of a good size and offers a usable area of approximately 11 meters x 11 meters, plus the seating perimeter. Some 50 Seats are placed around the room with more to hand if required. The stage being an additional area.

The room is generally available from 9.30 am to 9.00 pm but the closing time can be extended to 11pm if required. Extra fees apply from 9.30pm to10pm: 10.00pm to 10.30pm: 10.30 to 11pm.

For a comfortable seating arrangement, to 100 persons.

The Centre is closed on Xmas Day and Easter Sunday.

All U3A activities requires membership:

Monday Morning- Available

Evening- Majorettes 6pm to 7pm

Tuesday Morning U3A - Tai Chi. we are informed that there is a long waiting list to join!

Evening Easy Sequence Dancing from 7.30 for 8 to 10.0pm: Beginners welcome:

Ideal for the getting away from “the box” for an hour or so: Refreshments supplied:

Keeping your mind alert: Keeping mobile!

Wednesday - BINGO:Doors open 12 noon. Eyes down 1.00pm

Evening Slimming World 5pm to 9.00pm

Thursday Morning-U3A - Folk Dancing 10.00am to 11.30am.

Evening-Karate for juniors 7 to 8pm:

The art of self-defence and self-discipline!

Friday Morning -U3a - Table Tennis 10.30 to Noon

Evening–none at present

Saturday- Kid's Party Time Popular for 3 hour party time from £33. Additional hours available.

There being plenty of room for a medium size Bouncy Castle

Evening -The room is available for social events or *Concert hire until 11pm

Sunday- Kid's Party Time Popular for 3 hour party time from £36. Additional hours available

Evening - Available

* Concert Hire Fees start from £70: Access from 5pm (or earlier):

Special rates for public entertainment such concerts etc. Terms and Condition of hire apply:

*Alcohol consumption is not permitted in or around the Centre during Public Venues.

Private parties/club venues may supply alcohol but under strict controls.

Meeting Room -Upper Chamber above Town Council Office

Available from 9.30am to Noon £15 per session

6.00pm to 9.30pm £25 per session

No food/ alcohol to be consumed in this room: No toilet facilities available.

Hire charge includes heating as and when required

This is maintained by the Conwy County Borough Council. The Centre pays an annual fee and holds the key to the floodlights we pay for the electric used and keep a watchful eye on repair requirements. The Committee decided the area should be freely available 24/7 so as to allow children and adults to go somewhere for a kick about.

Dogs are not allowed into this Area

This is an enclosed play area and as such, dogs are not allowed into the Enclosure by law.

Bye - Laws also apply to the Park area.

Heavy fines can now be imposed for breaches of the laws regarding dog control

Always carry poo bags to clear up your dog's mess and dispose of responsibly.

The Penmaenmawr Community Centre has to raise its own funding to survive. The town council isgenerous in its support each year, but a sizeable portion still has to be generated through the Snooker Hall and Functions Room receipts.

The Centre is unique in the area for both its floor quality and space.

It is important that it is supported to survive.

Volunteers: If you have an active mind, are able bodied and can give just a few hours a week, it will be of great help to the Centre and its volunteer Committee.

We also require committee members to take on the mantle of running the Centre and maintain its future. Come and be part of the Centre's future!

Many hands make for light work! Are yours available?

Christopher AJ Norton – Chairman:

Treasurer; - Mr C Colebrook: Secretary; - Mrs M Norton:

Penmaenmawr Community Centre

Conwy Road, Penmaenmawr, LL34 6AB

01492 622672 (see opening Times- 1571 facility)

01492 623402 (message facility)

Christopher AJ Norton - Chairman
Penmaenmawr Community Centre
Conwy Road
LL34 6YP

01492 622672 (see opening Times)
01492 623402 (message facility & Bookings)

NB. Please ignore the Penmaenmawr Centre Web Site”

At the moment we are unable to remove or amend it...

Terms and Conditions of Entry and Use Apply

Revised March 2019 -1